Sunday, 15 June 2008

Pop Levi

The cosmic scouser returns this summer with his brand of saucy glam-pop. The new album is looming & if the single "Never Never Love" is anything to go by it'll be the sickest soundtrack to the summer this side of Mars. Out of sync synth over the repeated refrain "Never never love, love, love/ never never love, love, love/ all the time" it's possibly the most sublimely addictive thing - guaranteed to have you humming it to death.
Me and Hannah caught Pop Levi in Manchester when touring "The Return To Form Black Magick Party" and it remains possibly the most intense live show I've ever been too. It wasn't packed out (but then it wasn't empty either) and the band came on to distortion, strobe lighting and a 5 minuet long intro as the maestro had a long look around Academy 3. With roaring guitar and eye contact galore it was modern-retro-chic (ooh er) at it's best.
Shifting the Ladytron electro puppy fat to reveal the slim-lined, glam rocked, 70s infused goodness of "TRTFBMP" (yeah!) thundering drums, grimy bass lines and fuzzy guitars took hold with songs like "Blue Honey" and "(A Style Called) Crying Chic" contrasting to the upbeat goodness of "Sugar Assault Me Now" and "Pick-Me-Up-Uppercut". If the Kinks had copulated with Bowie would Pop Levi be the result? A question for genetic scientists everywhere I'm sure.
Diversity and cult status as well as a cracking live show was thus achieved.

So with the looming second album and a couple of teasers on the Myspace what is to be expected? Never Never Love certainly has that ear-catching factor and the camp goodness of a dancefloor sweeping tune and whats great about Pop Levi is the strive for new, better music with something different about it. Sure there can be heard the strain of Bolan in some of the vocals or the Doors keyboards or the strum of Bowie in the guitar but this is looking forward, moving forward and dragging the listener relentlessly forward with it. Moog, drums, guitars and intensity in hand hopefully the new album will be even more astounding than "TRTFBMP" (I do like that)...
Dita Dimone is all that is sultry electro-infused with a deluge of scratchy vocals and an onslaught of glamour and dirty beats. Refrains and repeats mean for another addictive offering- they should bottle/crush up/ make up in pill-form whatever it is used to make these songs. I swear it'd sell faster than cocaine! Songs to Check= Wannamamma, Never Never Love, Skip Ghetto, Blue Honey, Oh God (What Can I Do?). Oh sack it- buy the albums and shake with excitment. Dare you.

Jade xx

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