Sunday, 10 May 2009

Boy Crisis

If there is one thing most girls can identify with it's a boy crisis. This is a different type of Boy Crisis- you don't need to worry if they'll text you back or if they really did mean 'See you later' all you need to do is kick back and listen to the less-than soothing electro pulsings. They've got links with MGMT and Amazing Baby (went to the same art school) and have the same quirky sentiment to their music. Funky electronica meets bouncing rhythms.
"Dressed to Digress" matches Bowie for cut-and-paste lyrics with a sexually charged sub-plot.
"You're the shit, girl" is the refrain- Woodrow Wilson is cited and the lyrics run, hop, jump and charge straight into the brain like an acid induced vision.
How electro should sound.