Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I was more than fairly upset that I missed Casiokids set at Kendal Calling this weekend. That will teach me to have a 'power nap' which lasts 4 hours after I forget to set my phone alarm. But never mind that. Casiokids not only have powerful synth driven beats and use the lost art of the cowbell in songs like Verdens storste land but they also have songs called things like Verdens storste land. I had to live with smug non-sleeping people telling me that Casiokids were the best thing they've ever seen live as well which is even more galling.

Combining irrisitable electro beats with underpinning guitar winding around various drumbeats and sometimes invovling the plink of a piano they're everything I'm looking for at the moment. Only thing to do now is to learn some Norwegian so that I can sing along!