Thursday, 27 March 2008


An MSN convo:
jade says:
jade says:
jade says:
They're French, supporting Blood Red Shoes and called 1984
jade says:
best band ever?
Harri Chan Lancker I'm gonna love you till the stars fall from the sky says:
Harri Chan Lancker I'm gonna love you till the stars fall from the sky says:
Harri Chan Lancker I'm gonna love you till the stars fall from the sky says:
jade says:
they are too too good!!!!
jade says:
like horrors and franz ferdinand in one
jade says:
actually love
Harri Chan Lancker I'm gonna love you till the stars fall from the sky says:
and a bit kraftwerky
jade says:
a bit joy divisiony
Harri Chan Lancker I'm gonna love you till the stars fall from the sky says:

jade says:
Desert Dancers = actual tune
Harri Chan Lancker I'm gonna love you till the stars fall from the sky says:
thats my favourite

Ok, the MSN speak possibly doesn't do them justice but LOL THEY R GUD ok!? Double-whammy endoresed band by the name of 1984.
Not only named via George Orwell but a bit too catchy as well!
1984 Myspace
Can't say fairer than that !!
Jade x

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


In a quest to dispel the weather (I mean, it is actually snowing/hail stoning in March... Unimpressed!) with happyhappyhappy music Fanfarlo are the newest order of the day to close your eyes and pretend the sound of hail stones against the window is really a cool summer breeze / bee's trying to get in or something.
Basically it's jingly jangly music which is so feel good it becomes a little bit wrong. A wondrous amount of instrument are involved, the affectionately named 'glock', banjo and mandolin make an appearance and it's all a bit Belle and Sebastian with elements of Pavement whispering in the vocals. The same thing that's got people physically shaking with excitement about Vampire Weekend can be seen in them. Oh, its all a bit folksy but not just that they've managed to squash feelings, charm and melody into perfect pop song length. And they're unsigned (not for long I shouldn't think). Songs like "Harold T Wilkins" and "...Outsiders" have a subtle eloquence and it seems to literally shit sunshine and summertime; and despite that horrible imagery their songs really are delicate with a sort of happy around the edges glow.
Jade xx
Fire Escape - Fanfarlo
Harold T Wilkins- Fanfarlo

Thursday, 20 March 2008

An interview with Josh Weller

We spoke to impecably dressed folk super talent Josh Weller on his plans for the future ...

1. How important has myspace been for you personally?
Until i get a website made, probably very important. I write stupid blogs most days about things i find funny and people can get in on it. its like a little club

2. What are you aims for 2008 and what can we expect musically?
my first single Pretty Girls came out last week, there's a weird music show thing called 'Tourist Guiding with Josh Weller'. I'll start the album at some point.......

3. Who are your main influences?
Richard Pryor, Chet Baker, Woody Allen, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Randy Newman, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin.

4. How would you describe your own music?
All of those moments when you wish you could spontaneously burst into song.

5. How important do you think style and appearance is for a performer?
It depends on the performer i think. Randy Newman never dressed up and he wrote far better songs than Adam and the Ants. For me, i like to look like i could either play a song or go clay pigeon shooting at any given moment.

6. If you could do a duet with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
Chet Baker or the B52's

7. What is like to have your first ever single released?
Never before have i had so many family members phone me up asking for a free copy.

8. Do you think being from and in London has influenced you msuic?
Definitely. London is one of my favourite places to get bored in, there's always something to make you 'un-bored'. and there's so many great bands and musicians all over the city.

9. Has being in a band lived up to its expectations so far?
I don't really know what the expectations are. i've never thought about it. i'm having a lot of fun though.

10. What are the best and wost apsects of playing live?
worst - the toilets, the food, the sleep, the roads, the sticky floors,the tinitus, the load in, the load out. soundchecking at 5 and playing at 11, the void afterwards.
best - playing live is the best thing in the world and nothing can beat it. it is actually better than i can put into words.


A few reviews ...

Lightspeed Champion
Galaxy of the Lost

It appears that a solo route is something that suits ex test icicle, Dev perfectly and his style couldn’t be further from his musical past. The vocals within the track are delivered with an envious ease, dripping with sophistication and sultry charm. A quirky lyrical content teamed with an unusual yet simple use of violins proves the track to be unique, breaking away from their contemporaries. It seems, for the moment, that the ever popular electric influenced sound has been replaced by acoustic, a genre which has been unfairly tainted recently with the annoyance of pop drivel such as James Morrison and James blunt. The ever changing pace throughout the track prevents it from becoming yet another ‘new folk’ song showing that Dev has quickly and efficaciously established his own style, a brave move and one which has avoided his career being tarnished with the test icicle label.
It would be unfair to classify the band as ‘folk’ as this seems to strip the band of the individuality that they have so effectively created. Lightspeed champion have still yet to portray a fully grown confidence with their presence both live and on record however their natural ability to produce beautifully crafted songs is undeniable and its this humble modesty which makes their music so endearing and in a way quintessentially British, a talent we can finally to be proud of.

We Are Scientists
Brain Thrust Mastery

With 2008 comes a band shake-up for our favourite New Yorkers, We Are Scientists. The sad departure of bearded comrade Michael however has not held the band back with their creativity and if anything has plunged them further into exploring their freedom and ability further especially with a varied use of new instruments.

The band’s sound has developed and matured, with a lyrical content to match. No longer are they worrying about passing on the floor, instead the ponder the trials and tribulations of being with ‘the one’. The band appear to have mellowed, rarely is a busting electrically charged, acid infused pop nuggets to be found on “Brain Thrust Mastery”. However this is by no means a bad thing and shows how the band has concentrated on their previous weakness and played on their known strengths, Something which in turn has produced a musically strong album, worthy of high praise and success. Chris’s vocals have finally been used with splendid results for this record to create a natural harmony something which “with love and squalor” lacked. This gives the tracks greater impact and strength with their delivery, something which is perfectly illustrated on tracks such as “Dinosaurs”
With this album comes a loss of their previously youthful enthusiasm however their talent eradicate any doubts that a listener may have. Keith and Chris appear not to be fased by the pressure of producing a successful second album and certain stand out track on the record support this. Keith’s vocal ability is something which has been easy to overlook in their previous releases however in tracks such as “Lethal Enforces”, easily the strongest track on the album, it’s hard to avoid how his talent makes a song transform into a classic. “That’s What Counts” initially bursts with a stream of trumpets to finally evolve into a sleek and confident track, a perfect parallel to the bands sophistication and style. Similarly ‘After Hours’ is beautiful in sentiment with injections of acoustic peaks and troughs which gives texture and variety to their new sound.

We are scientists are unique in their ability to team both comedy and music together in a harmonious balance. Personality is often a trait which is not taken into consideration with today’s indie scene but is something which gives the band an important edge, their intelligence and wit is something which they transfer into their music successfully and gives their music a timeless essence.

Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk - Lightspeed Champion
Galaxy of the Lost - Lightspeed Champion
Lethal Enforcer.mp3 - We Are Scientists
Impatience.mp3 - We Are Scientists

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies

If the weather wasn't so horrendous of late and if there was even a glimmer of sun I'd be advising sitting in the garden, cool drink and VV and the LL in tow. Serious 60's vibes and a more credible Pippettes-esque sound surround this band and its almost impossible not to smile when listening.
Numerous instruments hover about (glockenspiels, bells and an organ jump out of the drums and guitars) and technicolour, sunshine pop emerges.

And since there is no way to travel back in time to said 1960's (mores the pity) it is just as well they're on hand to provide nostalgic and colourful music to pass away the awful weather until summer manages to emerge!
Jade xx