Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Kabeedies

The Kabeedies are a tumbled up hybrid of Be Your Own Pets energy, Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds elusive lyrics and Shrags yelps. Singing about how lips taste like petis filous (calling to mind that annnooooying advert with that girl who likes to beat up little boys), asking that all important question "Who's your favourite / Kung-Fu artist" and the teaching the world about the 'Coaster Game'. It's indie-pop with talent!

"Mythical Beasts" has rock'n'roll guitars, fingers slipping along keys and inspired lyrics "I'm just a mythical beast / Drawn on the back of the Birdcage toilets" it sounds like Goodshoes but taking themselves less seriously. They have a distinctive sound, something rare in a band so 'young' or at so new. "Lovers Ought To" is art rock at its finest as Katie takes lead vocals yelping over those delightfully sketchy drums and Maccabees-esque guitars ("About Your Dress" rather than "Toothpaste Kisses"). "Palindromes" tackles that tricky subject of ADHD (a popular topic- didn't Blood Red Shoes toy with that idea too?); this is probably the weakest song out of all of theirs but there are some nice screams midway through to focus attention back. And a great image of "Both my parents are palindromes".

Strong vocals- the whole boy/girl thing going on- singing staccato over ringing guitars and scratchy drums and throwing it in the air to make concise-pop (none of their songs extend over 3 mins). But less is more, catchy hooks and singalong choruses pop out amidst accapella, indie-stomping beats and references to Roxy Music. Surely they could take over dancefloors and airwaves alike- their music is as catchy as influenza and as addictive as cocaine, but in both cases not as life threatening (unless you have a dicky heart and a penchant for jumping about erratically when dancing)! Yay!
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Coaster Game - The Kabeedies
Petis Filous - The Kabeedies
Sideburns- The Kabeedies

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