Sunday, 13 July 2008


Or Dananannananannananannnackroyd (as I always end up putting one too many "anana's" in there) are the essence of youthful abandonment and the sort of night that causes you a deadly but satisfying hangover. After initially rebelling against their music I've come to realise they are actually seriously good. Their exuberance and energy might have something to do with the sheer amount of members in the band as six people sharing the weight of jumping around isn't bad going. Me and Hannah ended up seeing them live last year in a tiny, grotty bar which they utterly wreaked havoc in, winding over bar stools, under wires, into the audience and onto tables. As the lead singer caused havoc in the audience the other members pushed forth a sheer amount of sound and noise. It was a bit mental.
Listening to their songs isn't the same as watching them live- it's easier to stomach and easier to make sure your feet don't get stamped on- but songs like "Some Dresses" and "British Knights" capture their pure noise ethic.

Describing their influences as "1991 the year punk broke" is pretty genius and if you like Johnny Foreigner you'll pretty much like these I'd guess.
Listening intently there are tiny essences of Hot Club de Paris plinking and nautical theme but it's driven hard down under thundering guitars and shit hot drumming as Sonic Youth gives the whole thing a whack around the head.

The best thing is the urgent, crazy mess streams into your ears yet the band are in full control of what your hearing, "tight as a misers fist" is what my mother would inevitably say. "British Knights" rambles like crazy around guitars and raucous drumming whilst "1993" retains a little more dignity and more vocals; they are not- it has to be said- one trick pony's. They are- it again has to be said- pretty amazing!
Jade xx

Some Dresses- Dananananaykroyd
British Knights- Dananananaykroyd
1993- Dananananaykroyd

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Jessica urquhart said...

your blogs are always fantastic.
danananaykroyd are incredible.I was proud to include them in that postcard thing.they're different and their songs are the best I've heard in a while.