Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Totally Addicted...

...Unfortunately not to bass but to the sultry sounds of Françoise Hardy. She sang in a variety of languages, came fifth in the Eurovision Song Contest and epitomised European chic. Oh and sang with Iggy Pop and is referenced by Bob Dylan. Phew.
With all the sounds you'd associate with the 1960s; twangy guitars, harmonies, that tweak of 50s rock'n'roll but with the soaring, multi-lingual voice of Hardy over the top. Lovely! The type of music I use to close my eyes too, imagine I'm sipping cocktails in a Parisian bar while the sun shines and, oh yes, I have managed to travel back in time.
As well as singing she also appeared in "Whats New Pussycat?", "Masculin-Féminin" and "Chateau en Suède" and currently resides in Paris. I don't think I've ever been more jealous of a women in all my life- scratch Agyness Deyn or Kate Moss - this women met Jagger for crying out loud!
Jade xx

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