Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bright Sparks

Oh thank the lord, its safe to say the dreaded exams have finally ended and no longer will we have to face sitting at a desk feeling despair (well apart from my inevitable re sits any how!). This has resulted in a great sense of relief with the lure of twee picnics accompanied with a refreshing beverage nearing ever closer, regardless of how the English weather behaves as I am fully prepared to sit in the rain safe in the knowledge that is it summer. I don’t care what anyone says, no matter how masculine you look a pint of cider is possibly the most sublime of drinks! (No white lightening shite, Strongbow all the way). Anyhow with this regeneration and brief reencounter with the sun, it seems the most fitting time to re discover musical classics. I present Sparks. One of music’s oddest; Hitler tash wearing, eternally youthful, charismatic sibling duo’s to hit our airwaves. And I know that may seem a narrow gap in the market however they tick these boxes and so much more.

So rather admirably the band have embarked on an extravaganza of musical delight by playing an album a night form their extensive back catalogue performing over 256 songs! The effort and passion they sow towards music still today is both amazing and deeply underrated. Recently there has been a flourish of disappointment with bands returning second album yet in their 21st masterpiece Spark are unfazed by any pressure, showing that longevity is quite possibly the most significant trait for a band to carry. What makes this band so unique is there refreshing wit with titles such as “lighten up Morrissey” what more could you possible want in a band? And they carry their talent still, with a credibility that is lacking from such OAP’s as Paul ‘I suddenly love the mandolin’ McCartney. They’re infinite song “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of Us” is somehow imbedded in everyone’s brains however is an unfair reflection of the better works with a timeless electro-pop style filled with the attitudes and obsession of a yesteryear England which amplifies their extraordinary quirkiness.

Also on a non musical related note yet continuing my reminisce down classic lane I briefly mention my sheer fascination with the great Malcolm McDowell, possibly one of Britons greatest actors with an eternal twinkle in his eye. As summer has sprung I have embarked on watching his trilogy including ‘If…’ and ‘o lucky man’ which land high in my expectation due to his outstanding and superbly chilling portrayal of Alex in A Clockwork Orange, brought to visual life by Stanley Kubrick. His level of ability at that age made me eternally envious yet left me in a complete trance by his captivating presence on camera with his presentation of such bizarre language being flawless and extraordinary. It took me many years to pluck up the courage to watch the film and I am devastated I wasted so much time in prolonging such a vivid experience!

Hannah xx

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