Thursday, 12 June 2008


This years Transgressive tour has come up trumps with a sterling line up of 2008’s brightest sparks, with bands that have yet to reach widespread acclaim however their potential has not gone unmissed. With such a line up of strong live performers its seems these set of gigs will not disappoint from clerical Goth to living room folk there is clearly something for everyone in thus sublimely eclectic combination

So its seems there his been a significant transformation from the twee cardigan and cravat wearing Les Incompetents as its remaining members are clad in religiously gothic garb. Careful to establish a distinct reputation from the start shows that with this change comes a refreshing musical evolution which promises they’re live shows to be a rawkus yet perfected, something stylishly hard to pull of. With this experience comes an odd sense of sophistication yet remaining is the exuberant energy and passion to perform ..

Their exploration of a deep and sultry style is an intensity which has been sorely missed since the likes of Joy Division. In tracks such as ‘Motherhood’ it’s this unusually sinister musical spin that excites and intrigues completely with a pounding bass always on hand to reinforce they’re discovery of powerful new ground.

‘Pop Pop Pop’, or so he describes himself. Esser is very much the new enigma on the music scene with his odd style collaborating perfectly with his bizarrely original embrace of all things peculiar which makes his sound so refreshingly worthwhile and much needed! He never fears to explore what others may avoid with a beautiful simplicity with the use of stupidly catchy chorus’s, stripped down drum machines and a heavily addictive accent dripping with attitude and confidence which by the sound of these demos is by far justified.
‘Headlock’ sands out as his finest song to date, musically it uses only the bare essentials but its within the words where the talent lies as there is a raw sincerity that’s so unfounded today in songs that aim to please the buyers and leave no long lasting satisfaction.

Jeremy Warmsley
Jeremy is certainly a man in the know, with a list of indie/folk friends that would make anyone jealous with the likes of Johnny Flynn, Mystery Jets, Laura Marling and frYars. Cleverly however, he has used his contacts to showcase some of Britain’s finest talents, including his good self through ‘This is our TV show’ in which his charmingly corwded lvving rooms in crammed to the brim with a lively crowd watching adoringly at such an atmospheric experience! Not only that, but this is also a clever lad adorning a degree from Cambridge only making his talents more envious. It’s within the ‘Boat Song’ that Warmsley’s voice flickers with a beauty that seems to blend seamlessly with each collaboration he ventures within. There are so many new folk bands cramming our ears at the moment but it has to be said that there is a spark of difference in this man, an easae within him that conjures a smile on any listener.

So So Modern
It has to be said I had not been exposed to the music of So So modern before seeing them within this line-up but on hearing they’re music it quickly becomes apparent what they have to add with the lads from Wellington claiming there influences (rather sensibly) being amongst cosmology, theology and urban foolery these. A frenzied compilation of all that is great, with acidic electro cleanly with crisp vocals that instantly makes your body jerk, a ready made dance floor band ready and armed to charm their way into our hearts

Attacking us ladled with an army of instruments, instead of overwhelming is strangely enticing and moreishly addictive, the musical equivalent to the Pringle one might say. Ordered chaos is necessary oxymoron that can only describe this sound with harmonies that sprinkle over this harsh jagged and wondrous noise.

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