Saturday, 31 January 2009


Long, long has the art of remixing produced either absolute genius or absolute cack. The former surely has to describe SebastiAn's remix of "I Still Remember". Taking a simple, stylised electro backbeat and the juxtaposition of Kele's slightly strained vocals over the top whilst simple, lyrical refrains battle across the top means that a dance floor friendly classic has had a revamp for the better.
Adding to this DiscoTech's Rolling Stones rework, Soulwax's Beatles vamp, MSTRFKT's All Saints mess-a-bout and anything Twelves get their hands on and it's smooth, disco sailing from there.
Even R Kelly get's the remix treatment with Alex Rage's Ignition remix- best song ever? I think you'll find that is so!
Also check out Austria's best music website, Stylish Kids in the Riot, for XOX's month-long takeover blog style-ee. Read it here: XOX GOES POP.
Hot foot it too here for XOX 7 with interviews avec The Virgins, We Have Band and the Soft Pack as well as Eddy Temple Morris' top DJing tips and Mat Hornes top ten songs to listen to this month! The best free magazine online now- for comfort and cheap living in the 'credit crunch' crisis!
Jade xx

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Le Corps de Mince Francois

They are hailed as the next CSS and comprise of three super-cute girls who knock out pretty, electronic driven music. How could you not be a fan?

They live in Finland yet have a dash of New York cool, a hint of French to their name and with a pinch of that Brazilian CSS sound. More than that though they're punching their hands in the air for 'girl power' and creating dance-floor friendly hits. Wonderfully kitsch, this is disco on an epic scale.

"Bitch of the Bitches" is electro driven which is mixed up with the acoustic version of "Ray Ban Glasses" which sounds more like 'Hitten' by Those Dancing Days than 'Alala' by CSS. Showing an ability to mix the sublime of acoustic guitar with the ridiculous of neon electro they've got two sides to their story. Stuffing the spirit of Le Tigre, Yelle and Peaches into one band and they have that instant hook and beat combo which makes 'Bitch of the Bitches' an instant hit. They've even got Russ Chimes on board giving it that touch of French-electro coolness. They're cooler than you, but get over it.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Banjo or Freakout

Allowing disjointed drums and samples to hop over one another as seamless vocals float on top means that Banjo or Freakout (aka. Alessio Natalizia) has created something extremely original. Rhythms skip and jump before settling into a momentum under a thin veil of distortion. It’s a patchwork of sound which, until about a fifth listen, sounds like noise within noise but soon enough a simple melody emerges and the song takes on a life of its own. There is fragility to the music and a feeling that it could fall apart at any minute - but that’s also its strength, the ability to break and regroup with ease.'Someone Great' is the result of experimenting with LCD Soundsystem. Natalizias use of loops and repeats verge almost on the brink of extreme yet this is what creates an entirely new sound. It’s almost like pure vocals and atmosphere. Unlike 'Mr No' this takes a more coherent approach to music with haunting vocals, simple Joy Division-esque atmosphere and lush refrains.Both songs highlight a musician who isn’t just talented but who has an ear for being experimental without alienating the audience. Blissful.