Sunday, 20 July 2008


1stly ; Thank you Drunken Werewolf for getting me into the loop via Pengillys. His music is heart-achingly good.
Have you ever sat by a lake, chewing a piece of grass a la Clint Eastwood whilst perusing the Collected Works of Shakespeare? No? Me either but that’s what Pengillys music makes me want to do. His music is epic, nostalgic, beautiful and raw. “Mr Punch and Thomas Moore” takes the simple strum of a ukulele and soaring vocals which turns into the chorus skilfully refraining “I will never grow old” as a menagerie of instruments take over including an accordion and violin. “Films” rattles along very nicely. A track to play when on a long train-ride where your imagination can be cast back to black and white movies and take the line “They play noble parts / Like two English hearts” and run with it.
Whereas “To London” almost feels like a battle cry with an evocative take on a march as trumpets toot and rolling piano carry the listener the more subtle “The Wind Blew Her In” whispers its message over soaring violin. “Lavenders Blue” reinvents the lullaby with sweeping noises and sweet vocals whilst wrapping it all up with a carnivalesque and triumphant musical interlude. It’s ragamuffin, Dickensian music for the here and now. “Escapades” sounds like early Patrick Wolf as ominous sounds twist and turn into a more up-tempo call to arms. Its music for the backlash to the flaccid fashionista favourites and Top Shop play-list; rolling and raucous to soft and reflective it binds itself up in triumph and tradition. It’s more than “alt-folk” it’s what’s needed in music today-whimsical nuances, thundering ideals, brilliant lyrics and talent. Basically he is wicked !

Jade XX
Films - Pengillys
Mr Punch and Thomas Moore- Pengillys
To London- Pengillys

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