Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Faint

The wildly addictive trash-punk-electro-dance band have been on my radar for quite a while and I've been hearing they are back! Thank the Lord. Their macabre and dense dance music is irresistible and makes you need to dance. Not even dance. To jerk bits of your body about in obscene ways and as arms and legs flail they drive the beat home and you look a tit as 'dancing' occurs. Its all a bit wrong.
And any thought that the band might mellow over the years is proven wrong as "The Geeks Were Right" unleashes trademark electrified vocals and frazzled synth alongside dirty drums and guitar; phew. Sounding not unlike "Agenda Suicide" it is less aggressive than "Dropkick the Punks" or "Worked Up So Sexual". If the Rapture copulated with ADULT whilst !!! watched on I wouldn't be surprised if the slightly sordid Faint wasn't the result.
However the one Faint song I can't stop listening to right now is "Glass Danse" which grabs synth laden verses and tangles them in with the dips and dives of guitar; taking a lesson from Year 8 music I know that they use tempo and dynamics to the best of their ability. It's the type of song which makes you think it's over but it continues in a stream of beat and bass. Addictive.

Their new endeavours show a maturity in lyrical content and a refinement of music but the basics are the same; dirty punk-dance music for your head, heart and soul.
Jade xx

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