Monday, 21 January 2008

Girl Power !

Driving synth and merry-go-round type noises do place this all female-group slightly in the realms of The Horrors. The lead vocals are haunting and pitch perfect whilst guitars and keyboards and drums cavort around. "Smoke and Mirrors" is eerie and ethereal with music which dips and dives over 60s-esque synth and carnival noises. Disturbing; but in a good way.
"Harmonise" has a darker Long Blondes style feel to it with a strong voice soaring over the slightly discordant music and "Balderdash" is made up of crescendos and flickering guitars; it's pure melodic noise. No mean feat... And to top it off it's all a bit "Phantom of the Opera" (a good thing of course), a bit baroque and very pop-noir. Ghostly noises and Gothic tendencies in a monochrome set!

On the other side of the coin is the technicolor brilliance of The Duloks. Their music has the same synth-y bits but in an uplifting way. They don brightly coloured tracksuits and songs like "Gonna Follow Your Star Trail" are twee-pop-goodness. Their songs aren't prog rock length and although it is a pity ace songs like "Boom Boom" end quickly they say what they need to say and get out. Mainly what they're saying is "If you're an instigator / Or a secret masturbater..." and other such nuggets of comedy. It's "Bad Vegetarian" though which places them in the 'legends' box- hilarious and slightly strange. Not taking themselves too seriously is a most endearing quality!

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