Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds

Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds- The new innovators. Yeah there are people doing amazing revivals of folk which is charming without fault but I was starting to get worried guitar based Indie was going to be forever vapid and generic. THANK GOD then for CC&N with their amazing name and nasal vocals. Their refreshing take on music seems almost like a second-cousin-twice-removed to Los Camp!.

"Slow Kids" is lyrically strange but in a quirky way ("I am the girl with no lips / But I can keep a hula going around my hips"); the angular guitars build up the listener and the chorus is a spiky and catchy damn thing. "Before We Sleep" is a more indie-dance floor-friendly number with a good beat and shouty voices and singalong choruses guaranteed to make you move you feet. The lyrics aren't as elusive as "Slow Kids" but it defiantly isn't paint by numbers indie which bands like The Enemy seem to favour.

Their best song though is "Fascinating" which has a 'The Royal We' feel to the guitars and more thrillingly strange lyrics and squeaky vocals. It should annoy, it should grate a little on nerves but it doesn't- it is purely good stuff even with guitar solos thrown in for good measure!

They're supporting Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong (big buzz band) so fingers crossed they'll be well recieved...
Jade xx

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cor said...

Thank God, it's about time someone wrote about this band...thank you.