Friday, 4 January 2008


Rambling On: Firstly Bishop Allen (because they've just come up in Ipods delightful shuffle!). Ever since Hannah & I discovered a member of this band was in Mutual Appreciation we knew we'd be hooked- and prior to that hearing "You Ain't No Picasso" meant lovelovelove! With strained vocals, tinkly guitars and witty refrains it is on first listen ever-so-slightly annoying, but give it time because it transpires this song is one you can't live without! Refreshing every time you listen with guitar slicks and licks subtle enough to sound new with every listen. And there is out of tune, accapella-esque bits towards the end! Excellent...

Also I better say it now so I can look back on this and hopefully feel rather smug. Foals are going to become big aren't they?- annoyingly so. Like when The Wombats became transcendent with many social cliques and slightly mainstream and made us feel no longer niche but part of the masses.
If the mainstream can accept the math-rock, twee and sublime noises of Foals and truly appreciate them though well done I guess. Razorshite have dominated "indie" far too long- let some true musicians in I say...

And! speaking of new fads; thankfully the abomination that was 'neu/new/nu-rave" has gone. The last vestiges of day-glo are now in the January Topshop sales and the re-hash of the 90's Hacienda scene will only be brought up again when Klaxons attempt a second album (and lets face it we all danced along to "Atlantis to Interzone" with gutso) but now its time for a mellower sound to surge. Acoustic guitars, whimpering voices & pretty choruses in the form of Noah & the Whale, Emmy the Great, Lightspeed Champion, Laura Marling, Kid Harpoon, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit, Tom Williams and Florence & The Machine are here at least for a while. Oh & that London scene like frYars, BBC & CDP! So the pretty singer/songwriters are around for a while- a lovelier sight than glow sticks. Nights (in London, poo!) like Young and Lost and Twee as Fuck look appealing and not to mention NEW MYSTERY JETS MATERIAL TO LOOK FORWARD TOO AS WELL AS AN ADAM GREEN TOUR.

Phew. Let 2008 commence!
Jade xx

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