Friday, 1 February 2008

Elle S'appelle New Material

QUICK! Hop on over to Elle S'appelle's Myspace to hear fab new material. Hopefully some of it is to be included on their forthcoming EP! And they're on tour with goFASTER>>... ace news.
"Monkeyshine" is all crecendo-ing "woah-oh-ohs" and ska-esque keyboards dancing over harmonising vocals. Beautifully addictive; their songs are near flawless with their own brand of simplistic pop dipped in originiality and talent! As the end nears in sight skipping drums and a change of tempo twist and turn as duel vocals battle over jumping beats. "Reasons Your Reasons Your Reasons" is like Hot Club De Paris taking The Futureheads waltzing; with a distinctive fairground feel. A sort of Victorian English Gentlemans Club sound is set in the band with a similar set up and the same penchant for dizzying musical heights. Crecendo, tempo, lyrics, instruments and voices all get melded into the sublime pop that is Elle S. The effect is an overwhelment of music and ideas. Chouruses melt into a whirlwind of sounds and voices skipping over pure, unadulterated noise. Come on 2008- bigbigbigbigbigbig things must happen for these guys; they're just too good!!
Jade xx
just because it is one of the most innotive videos around !

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