Monday, 24 December 2007

Josh Weller

To be perfectly honest, acoustic is a genre I normally detest however I have been recently converted due to the joys of Josh Weller. He is a quirky wonder with a strangely complementary style of both haunting and charming. Myspace has shown only a glimpse of his individuality, found both in his music and style. His innovative style of combining sumptuous and endearing lyrics with a powerful guitar back up may not be original but certainly remains divine. With lyrics such as “Darling sometimes a hate you” it’s hard not to be impressed by this Morrissey-esque irony that his tracks are steeped with. His influences are clearly seen in songs such as “I’m a Christian” heavily reeking of the 20’s blues mastered by Bo Diddley and Robert Johnson. Josh Weller is an artist who due to his inane eccentricity has allowed him the freedom of no genre shackles and is certainly a talent who deserves a break in 2008

Also whilst I’m here I wish the 3 people who read this a very Merry Christmas haha

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