Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Get Dancey x4!

1. Mixing many a “woo-hoo”, hand claps and shouty shouty vocals And What Will Be Left of Them are refreshingly upbeat! They nod to the 60s and have punkish tendencies binding it all together with male/female duel vocals.
They’re songs are familiar from the first listen. “Come with me” wraps the listener up in its recognisable guitars and synth infused chorus whilst “Hi-fi” takes a mellower take on the peppy, up-beat sound. It is “Four Years to be an Artist” though which is distinctively (and instinctively?) good with its charming lyrics and relentless beat.
And What Will Be Left of Them?- 4 Years
And What Will Be Left of Them?- Hi Fi

2. Friendly Fires manage to marry what can only be described as ‘funky’ beats with repetitive lyrics and smooth as you like vocals. A dance act for once not riding on the tail-coats of 90’s rave nostalgia and hopefully not a glow stick in sight. They should remain a credible band for at least 2008! Although it can make you wary when you see a dance infused track remixed Nightmoves remix of “On Board” handles it well adding enough to make it interesting but taking nothing away. And if you don’t end up waving your hands in the air (yes, like you just don’t care) to “Paris” then shame on you!
Friendly Fires (Nightmoves Remix)- On Board
Friendly Fires- Paris

3. I can’t get enough of
Crystal Castles at the moment. After dispelling them to the back of my mind for most of this year I had it down as annoying noise that was neither compelling or hard to do. Oh how times change; after seeing them live and also taking the time to listen to gems like “Alice Practice” and “Crimewave” my opinion has changed quite the bit. Jumping from subtle electronic tinges of beeps and bleeps blended over the stylised vocals to the thrash thrash thrash and high pitched yelps they create un-genrefiable dance/ thrash/ hard-core/ rave/ indie/music. End of.
Crystal Castles- Alic Practice
Crystal Castles- Crimewave

4. Finally The Je Ne Sais Quoi have more than a hint of the 1980s in their track "Chameleon. Distinctly danceable beats laden over with harmonising vocals and glittering synth makes their songs a more mellow take on dancing. With multi-faceted songs in which insturments skim and slide over once another like "Chamelon" their harmonise, Swedish twang and smooth execution of the song makes them charming.

Jade xx

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