Wednesday, 19 December 2007


frYars. Sort of like Patrick Wolf. Sort of like Bowie. Sort of like all those other on-the-fringes-of-genre folk. Yet like Wolf there is a depth and some lyrical meaning coupled with a talent and penchant for weird instruments and distorted voice.
The collection of songs on his Myspace are addictive with their poppy, tinkling piano and pop-rock synth. Linked, unsuprisingly, with Bombay Bicycle Club and Cajun Dance Party frYars sophisticated take on music is both uplifting and depressing to a point. Marrying darker and more macabre lyrical content with danceable and pop/electro/alternative (according to good ol'Myspace) music this is endearing stuff
All in all it is wistful indie at its finest with an unidentifiable something which lets it almost escape genre and with lyrics and poignant musical arrangements. Magical!

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frYars- Madeline

frYars - happY
Jade xx

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Lesley said...

Just sort of stumbled across your blog and felt the need to share my love of frYars. For me he's kinda like a strange Patrick Wolf/Adam Green hybrid...
I was talking musically just then but when I stopped to think about it he kind of looks like a mix between those two as well. hmmmm. that's just strange.
anyway just wanted to say I like your blog.