Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Shotter nation ...

SO today i made an investment, a wise one in my opinion. Shotters nation, the second offerening from Babyshambles and it has to be said, a sublime piece of msuical work. It appears that the band have fused, forming a relation with each other that has proved healthy and prosperous. Although the departure of ex-gutarist Patrick Walden was a sad one it seems his replacement, Mick has justifed himself. The one striking comparison between this and their debut album is that musically "Shotter Nation" is impressive and has not gained the wrong fame purely from the infamous Pete who has wrongly become a household name for the sake of selling papers. His talent lies deeper and its this ability to create which is putting his music back in the limelight. For too long, liberitines fans througout the world have had to grit their teeth and constantly defend their icon owever this new chapter of Petes life is strongly deemed to be a success. Perhaps endless court appearances and split between his infamous lover Kate has reforcussed his determination and rekindled his one true love, Music. Although the now legendary partnership between Pete and Carl has ended it seems a new one is blossoming and perhaps Babshambles have been given a new chance to prove themselves as accomplised musicians.

The absence of Mick Jones seems to be another positive step in the right direction, and even on first listen, the production of the album is noticiably pristince. Stephen Street must be commeded for his different approach which in turn creates a wholesome sound rather than a disjointed album. On listening to these different tracks, it becomes clear that Pete & co have drawn influenes from the major bands rather than the obscure. Sounds from The Kinks, The Doors and even The Stone Roses are obvious but do not suggest plagourism, rather necessary influence.

Pete recently has become scaily close to losing his appeal, however when I found myself grinning like bagpus on y first listen of the album, I knew my love for him and his works will never fade. Its special and beautiful lyrical content is what makes petes a leppar in musical society and a traite he should never lose!

So to the music and tracks stand out like saw thumbs is this array of the sublime. "You talk" is a natural showcase of petes vocal ability which is rarely commended. Riffs that ooze success rest neatly over a rare co-ordination of sound. Other highlights include "unstookietitled" and "crumb begging", with the appeal of both mainstream and obscure ears alike, a rare balance that possible only Babyshambles can pull off with credibility. This album provides proof that Babyshambles are certainly not just Pete's backing band, talented musicians in their own right which is slowly becoming a rareity in todays stupidly mindless charts!

With any of Petes ventures, the album is certainly not flawless but fills the gap in what we were all waiting for, an album for us all to be proud of. Pete, the innovator of a close relationship between band and fan has crossed the boundries in many ways throughout his career therefore this, his latest effort should certainly be given the chance to succeed without the stereotypical stigma attatched to it.

I must stop, as it is quite possible for me to talk for hours about anything Libertines related!!

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