Thursday, 25 October 2007

I'll have a pint of McGuinness please...

Sadly nowadays its becoming rarer and rarer to find a musician or band that encites me due to their sheer raw talent and orginality. It seems bandwagons are becoming the new fashion which strips the airwaves of anything different or magical hense why listening to Eugene McGuinness has become such a wonderous experience. Burdened with an unnecessarily geeky name has certainly not tainted his effortless approach to being cool, with an enigmatic stage presence and

His most noticable song being "Mosters under the Bed" is filled with whimsicle imagry and equally magical coingages (fanfuckingtabulous) to match. His vocal ability is odd yet charmingly crisp with his music containing distinc ska influences however manages to forge its own unique genre verging on the indescribable.
Finding himself on the support act circuit with his contempories (including Lightspeed Champion, his biggest fan!) may not be the most fulfilling career move however this will no doubt enable him to build on his already dedicated fanbase and expand his music thefore reciving the acclaim he righfully deserves. A British talent to be proud of, and perhaps one that should be cherished rather than ruthlessly captilised in order to please the greedy masses.

So from the new to the old, as we drift the the 1930's I recommend you all dig out a Robert Johnson record. This man is the sole reason for rock and roll, a true innovator of all things great and deserves to be cannonised for his works! Only 2 surviving pictures and the odd recording of the man makes his persona even more mesperising and ultimately mysterious. The emotive resinance contained within his purely r'n'b voice is both moving and admirable, most successfully heard on "Sweet Home Chicago". Its hard to avoid his influence in todays world, and this significant hold could be caused by his short albiet eventful life. His legacy is timeless, and its a sad shame that his talent often goes unrecognised by modern music lovers as he is a man whose naivity towards his own music has produced some of the finest recordings ever.

Hannah xx

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