Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Just a quick post about the Jakobinarina gig !

Hailing from Iceland (so that’s Yak-O-Bina-Rina) they played at the Roadhouse on Sunday courtesy of Same Teens Live.
Starting the night were the City Royals, Manchester answer to cheeky indie-pop and despite vocal strain (at one point a request for a hot toddy was made by a rasping lead singer) they delivered a blinding set with “Neon Pretty” and “Holiday” winning the “could-be-an-indie-dance-floor-classic” category. Despite a crude joke about aids (still got a few laughs) they still claim an absolutely ace drummer and vocalist with the Gallagher swagger; defiantly a Manchester band!
Satin Peaches on the other hand were distinctly American (they’re from Detroit); with the angst and Kurt Cobain whine down to a pat they didn’t seem to be everyone’s cuppa’. However, for those who like the grunge sound (and look) they’ll be a firm favourite. Their live set is distinctly darker than the sound conveyed on CD and what seems like a jovial, 60’s infused song in “Well, Well, Well, Well” came across from the stage as macabre, The Kinks gone bad so to speak.
Finally, Jakobinarina came on. With all the arrogance of a world-famous rock star Gunnar Bergmann belatedly jumped on stage. Launching into “This is an Advertisement”.
“’Allo this is Jakobinarina/ We are officially announcing ve are sell-oot,” pretty much sums up the feelings of the band. Tongue-in-cheek songs about selling out (like so many bands do now) and “Jesus” ordering everyone to “Jump around/ to the sound/ of mediocrity” gathers the crowd up together in a whirlwind of energy and transplants them somewhere buzzing with resentment for todays “popular music”. “Sleeping in Seattle” and “Riding” give a slower sense to the occasion. Dance moves provided by the lead singer were more reminiscent of a dad dancing at a disco- yet on him made to look effortlessly cool. Showing that Iceland has more rock in it that Siguor Ros and that anti-disestablishmentarians and antipathy towards what classes for music now crosses seas and binds us all together. All in all, Jakobinarina provide an outstanding live act that reflects their music, style and passion as well as extremely danceable and likeable songs!

Jade xx

BUY THEIR ALBUM (according to the lead singer "It is niiiiiice"!)


Jakobinarina - Sleeping in Seattle
Jakobinarina- This is an Advertisment

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