Monday, 8 October 2007

around the world in 60 seconds...

.. or something of that nature!

Out “there” is a lot of good music. Out “there” being across the ponds and various seas that divide the British Isles from the rest of the world!
For example New York used to be known for likes of Patti Smith and The Ramones as its own! However now there are bands lurking in the Big Apple like "Nous Non Plus" who seem to sing mainly in French about “Lawnmower Boy[s]” and "The Lisps” whose eccentric stage antics (not having a microphone, tap dancers and dressing as though they were puritans or something) put Tilly and the Walls ‘quirky’ antics to shame! California isn’t just the home of the OC either, the whimsical and slightly bizarre "Vermillion Lies” trail haphazardly around in weird and wonderful clothes with a 30’s/ Bette Midler feel to them. Whilst other American bands such as “Tiny Masters of Today” and the unmitigated greatness of “White Stripes” and “Adam Green” keep us all entertained!
Or if America is too close to home how about Australia or New Zealand? Yes, countries that are still probably waiting for the Kasier Chiefs to visit them are sending us the cream of their crop. Never mind “The Datsuns”- bands like “Architecture in Helsinki” and “So, So Modern” are bringing their twangy accents and Crocodile Dundee covers to Britain in a flurry of electro pop and shouty vocals. Not to mention The Brunettes” from Auckland who resemble a softer Blood Red Shoes! You’ve also got Die! Die! Die!” with their dark take on the blues…
Bleeps and “blue, blue, blues” are being taken care of courtesy of Canada’s finest “Crystal Castles” and “
FeMeNin MaScUlin” whose blend of sugary, female vocals and synthesized wonderment is keeping foots tapping everywhere!
France, possibly known more for its penchant for snails than its good ol’fashioned indie rock, is boasting not only the fab “The Teenagers” but also “Les Shades”, “Second Sex” and “The Plasticines”! Keeping it in Europe we have "Les Fauves” from Italy and the ADULT-esque "MiT" from Germany who aso get to boast Berlins "Kitty Solaris”.
Sweden has “The Je Ne Sais Quoi” whose blend on poppy synth and 60’s esque guitars are beautiful. Also from the land of the Swedes comes another band. Pop infused, female fronted and possibly sugar coated as well; Those Dancing Days”. Songs “Those Dancing Days” and “Hitten” are possibly the most addictive things ever? (View Video Here!) Sweden also claims "Salty Pirates" as its own whos addictive tracks "Survivalist Guide" and "Common Sense" are slightly Americanised but with slightly humourous vocals due to accents galore!

Another country from ‘up there’ (aka. Iceland Geography isn’t my strongest attribute) are “Jakobinarina”, the excellent, punk filled greatness that is. Argentina has Modular whose blend of ‘sunshine pop’ and ‘pop orquestral’ is alluring and also like something out of Napoleon Dynamite!

Well, that’s about as many countries as I can come up with; maybe thats not many but hopefully enough ha.

Jade xx

-taken from NeuMag!




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