Sunday, 23 September 2007

Spin spin spinning ...

So our love of vinyl's and our obsession for music has caused for an obvious collision as we decide to delve into the sublime world of DJ'ing. I find this word carries all sorts of bizare sterotype's including images of Fat Boy Slim and the incessent need to scratch and swerve but as we slowly become akin the new jargon and vocabularly that comes with this wonderful hobby we adorn our headphones and get ready to dance our feet away.
On the 24th October, we venture out of the confides of our own homes to the Retro Bar for the Kalico Queens offical debut and we will be joined by the sublime Peter and the Wolf. Its safe to say we are positively giddy and hope to see a few friendly faces there as we enforce our taste of music (Which is naturally faultless!) upon you!

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