Sunday, 23 September 2007

In which we introduce ourselves & get the ball rolling...

Hello! This is the first (of possibly many) posts on our shiny new blog.
Just as in intro to us : Kalico Queens = a DJ duo (Jade&Hannah) from up'north who also dabble in hosting under18 club nights, writing for many amazing fanzines and dancingdancingdancing! (endintro!)

Although it's back at school/college/uni/jobs and summer is merging far to swiftly into autumn there are still many amazing gigs (now festivals have ended!) and bands floating about s o o o hopefully new music and old will be brought to attention and shared!

Firstly a band EVERYONE (nearly) is talking about: Elle S'appelle. The best band to come out of Liverpool since the Beatles might be going a bit far but they're definatly better than their contempories Hot Club de Paris!
After listening avidly to them for ages now it is safe to say they should be cited as everyone in the worlds new favourite band. From their simplistic and addictive songs like "Mariappa" to the more complex and addictive (at least they're better for you than any drug!) "Wood for Tree" they have created a range of songs which all sound inexplicably perfect for a band who have only just begun to bloom. Unfortunatly I've not had the pleasure of seeing them live although I hear they have gigs coming up in Manchester for an In the City courtesy of Powwow!
Keeping with the theme of Liverpool goFASTER>> are also playing In the City which will be an absolute treat for the ears/eyes and possibly other senses too!! Other bands to take to the stages are people like (shameful plug) The Brouges (literally related to The View but far better!) and Paddy Orange who are gracing the all ages stage at Virgin Megastores courtesy of Same Teens. I'm sure Manchesters finest The Answering Machine, Sir Yes Sir, Headlines and The Ting Ting's will be found lurking at various venues too!!!
Jade x

Elle S'Appelle - Mariappa

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