Monday, 24 September 2007

3 of a Kind...

It has been brought to my attention how good David.E.Sugar is! A working mans Justice with more longevity than the Klaxons. His perfect blend of electronical noises (for those who still think neu-rave is a genre) and vocals-taking a trip past bass, synth, guitar- are surely set to take over dancefloors and hearts everywhere? Calvin Harris relenquish your (self-proclaimed) claim that you "created disco" and hand full regalia to Mr. Sugar!

Another band on top form and finally set to grace the UK instead of Berlin, Paris and numerous other European countries are Robots in Disguise. Possibly the two coolest girls ever? Dee Plume and Sue Denim. The names say it all really. New song "The Sex Has Made Me Stupid" isn't lyrically as good as "Turn it Up" or " Boys" but is still charmingly cheeky with dirty great bass lines and various squeels and shrieks from the girls as well as smokey vocals.
Finally, one more band I'd class as electro (genres aren't my strong point!) are So, So Modern who hail from New Zealand but have nothing to do with kiwis, sheep or rugby (sterotypes a-plenty!). Along with The Brunettes they're striking blows for NZ everywhere with credible music. Acrid electro for the masses. Like a 99p ice cream they pack sweet, smooth and bad-for-you goodness into every song. Finally a band to cite from the country that isn't named The Datsuns (even though they're pretty good too)! Slightly annoying until a second, third, fourth listen and then instantly the most catchy thing you'll ever hear. Hum along, dance along, sing along; don't be shy!
Jade xx

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