Friday, 23 May 2008


Is it noise? Is it music? Is it a comfortable middle-man? IS IT ALL THREE? Do these questions make sense?
Ahh, the beeps and bleeps of Esser, disconcertingly catchy. I'm not altogether sure it should work, electronic voice drifting over funky (yes, funky) bass and synth. "Lets Work it Out" is guarenTEED to have you humming, singing, dancing, pointing fingers in a 'Saturday Night Fever' kind of way and all the time the relentless rush towards the end nearing in sight. Play it again, Sam. "I Love You" take disjointed synth, sort of like being at a fairground but with added cool (have you seen his hair?- very cool). A modern love song, really. In the same way Crystal Castles defied musical genre and had noise-music which made sense after a few listens Esser has the same sort of thing going on. "Headlock", on first listen, is like "Huh?" second listen though the discordant vocals are appealing, the backbeat is the most important thing ever and indeed "you press the button/ I start dancing" becomes a true statement on both listener and artists part. It's taking musical genre and turning it on its head. Discordant-pop? Whatever it is I liiiike it! Catchy as fuck and ace live too; talent in abundance.
It is rather too early in the morning to write in coherent sentences about music, sorry.
Esser's Myspace
Lets Work It Out - Esser
I Love You- Esser

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