Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vivian Girls

The epic task of avoiding essay writing lays before me and the perfect accompanyment to this lazy livin' is of course Vivian Girls. With their shouty-shouty pop they combine perfect meoldies under layers of scuz and feedback. A bit like the Beach Boys but, you know, girls and kickin' ass and stuff.
"Damaged" is a combination of loud guitar, harmonious yet slightly screeching vocals and thumping drums whilst "Where Do You Run To" has an edge of melacholy surrounding the lo-fi vocals and driving rhythm.
They combine a lo-fi, punk, garage-sound with a touch of femininity. Breaking out from the New York scene and producing art-rock for the twenty-first century they've managed to actually have songs to back up the the devil that is hype. Break-speed tempo and almost indistinguishable lyrics make for great music- the type that creates sweaty, jumping, beer spilling and raucous live shows. There are gorgeous harmonies beneath the layers of distortion with baleful vocals carrying the message that DIY punk is still as cool as ever. The type of music which makes you wanna avoid writing coursework, pick up a guitar (despite only knowing 3 chords), start your own garage band, grow your hair long, dyeit black and pretend the grunge scene of the 1990s is alive and well.
Jade xx

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