Monday, 20 October 2008

The Virgins

There is something about the sultry guitar and the laconic vocals which makes you think perhaps The Virgins don't live up to their name. If James Brown had a penchant for guitar based indie instead of being a Sex Machine extraordinaire he would sound like these. I bet.
'Rich Girls' is like a sexy Razorlight strutting about as New York cool exudes from the very notes played. Apparently they are supporting the Pigeon Detectives which probably doesn't do justice to their tour de force. Gathering the listener up in a dizzy swirl of laid-back music it demands to be played in the hottest clubs as the best dressed people nod along with a cigarette in one hand and a bored expression on their faces. Pop-noir-c'est-cool.
'One Week of Danger' takes a Strokes influence with the Five O'clock Heroes bringing up the rear and a dash of brit-pop for good measure. It would, however, be quite easy for a band like this to slip into obscurity- quietly fading away as the newest fad takes their place. If their next handfulof songs can polish the edges with some added substance (and no, not cocaine) then they'll be okay if not then just enjoy their sultry guitar pop for what it is- achingly cool and probably not out of place on the Gossip Girl soundtrack.
Jade XX

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