Saturday, 5 April 2008

LIVE: The Teenagers

Venue: Manchester Roadhouse
Date: 1st April 2008

Even if you didn’t know this band their name would suggest their tongues are firmly placed in cheek (literally in the case of songs like “French Kiss”) with wittily crude lyrics jumping from behind the scratchy guitars, thumping drums and electric beeps. They’ve added two members for live purposes, spurning the drum machine and adding a girl guitarist to the mix and they’re as geek chic as ever.
Launching into “Starlett Johansson” with slightly smug smiles curling their lips as the crowd instantly recognise this ode to Scarlet they join in the dancing with wooden yet enthusiastic dance. They also whipped through “III” which provided a mellower refrain of “I don’t know anything” and more music made for air punching and bum shaking. Even the most ardent feminist couldn’t deny that “Fuck Nicole” is one hell of a song, the whole two front lines of the crowd moving in unison and even the girls (in fact most of the front two lines were girls… surely much to the satisfaction of the band!) singing “Fuck Nicole/ It’s out of control / Call Nicole and fuck Nicole”. Songs like “Streets of Paris” mean that the band couldn’t be more French and singing in sweet Parisian-tinged accents “Riding bikes and talking loud/ they were wearing Nike caps!” they managed to show that the streets of Paris are just as full of scally’s as the streets of Manchester.
Possibly they’re most well known song “Homecoming” meant that the band dragged a couple of girls on stage; as usual one over-confident and the other self-conscious which meant that the backing track did most of the singing. They show they aren’t to be taken seriously and people who do are missing the point; and yeah, they’re no longer teenagers themselves but the personas of the songs are and as they say themselves “We’re playing the songs and you’re dancing along/ Feeling better/ you’re feeling better”… It’s all in the name of fun and all in the name of ‘youth’… And they’re great live too!
Jade xx

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