Sunday, 11 November 2007

Summery Bands for the Winter

Littered with summery nuances and pretty choruses Brontosaurus Chorus evidently take inspiration from bands like Belle and Sebastian, Elastica and (although musically they aren’t as macabre or deep) Joy Division. These are the type of people you’d invite to a party, get drunk and force to play an assortment of instruments just to make you smile. Like a more innocent and less lyrically evolved Los Camp! songs such as “Now We’re Making Out” evoke warm nights and warm wine glistening on a sideboard whilst “David Bowie” is an utter hit (even if purely for writing a song about the legend that is). The female based vocals soar and dive over trumpets and violins and guitars and drums and cellos in a thoroughly heart-warming way! Formed in the summer of 2006 it is down to the listener to wonder how much of that time is captured in the balmy musings of songs like “Summer Skies” and the fab “Distortion Pop”.

Brontosaurus Chorus Myspace (YOU CAN DOWNLOAD “David Bowie” AND “Love is the Path” HERE!).
Bront C- Distortion Pop
Bront C- Now We're Making Out
A band which evokes a darker and slightly more sinister side to light-hearted indie-pop is The Royal We. Leaving hand-claps and “woo-hoos” like debris throughout their songs they are the epitome of strange and wonderful. “Baby take my arms/ Baby take my legs/ But please don’t take my baby ‘cos our love is all the rage/ All Right!” is just one example of the lyrics which surround this band. The accompanying video to “All the Rage” is equally disturbing with body parts (fake obviously) being scoffed down and a disembodied head singing prettily into the camera. Actual genius. “I Hate Rock and Roll” actually has rock’n’roll nodded too in the guitar arrangement at times (deliberate or not I’m not sure) whilst “Back and Forth Forever” takes a more laid back approach with duel vocals and gentle strums. Sadly they’ve already apparently called it a day but their Myspace has songs and videos to see and admire.

Jade xx

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